SMAF 2014 is coming soon!

SMAF, now in its 14th year, is one of the premiere non-competitive events in the northeastern United States. SMAF brings together senior-level instructors from the widest possible range of styles to teach on the widest possible range of subjects. In short, SMAF offers its participants an unparalleled opportunity to explore a magnificent range of martial arts subjects.

Open to all ranks and experience levels, SMAF offers something for everyone. In fact, our philosophy is Bai Liu Ha Yi, which means "100 styles flow into one." 'Styles' might not even be the right term because the core premise at SMAF is that all martial arts build on the same principles. While we want to showcase different styles, we also want to remember that every style is just a system designed to shape martial arts into a given context. Styles are useful but it call comes down to martial arts in the end.

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