Tony Annesi, Shihan

A martial artist since 1964, Tony Annesi holds black belts in judo, aiki-ju-jutsu, karate, and has studied numerous other arts. As early as 1977, Annesi received the title of Ichiban Deshi no Soke (#1 student of the stylistic leader) in aiki-ju-jutsu from Albert C. Church, Jr. In 1984, the Goshin-kai International, a French federation, and the International Brotherhood of Martial Artists, a German-based organization, both decorated Annesi for his dedication to the martial arts. In the same year, Annesi was appointed soke-dai (inheritor designate) of the Kamishin-ryu martial arts, a position he resigned in 1988 due to a conflict in leadership styles. In 1989, he founded BUSHIDO-KAI KENKYUKAI, a federation for the development of innovative traditional martial arts and shortly thereafter founded BUSHIDO-KAI BUDOYA to help broaden the martial education of practitioners worldwide.

In addition to writing the regular column The Dojo Files for Inside Karate Magazine, Annesi has written articles for Self-Defense World, Inside Kung-fu, Black Belt, and The International Fighter. Shihan-renshi (master instructor) Annesi has taught martial arts for over 30 years and is featured in Corcoran and Karkas's landmark reference, Martial Arts: History, Traditions, People.