Don Haher

Don Haher began studying Itosu Kai Shito Ryu Karate in 1981 under Sensei Charles Hobbib. In 1986 he tested for his Shodan under karate legend Fumio Demura. After College (1990) he studied Aikido and began to practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. During this time Mr. Haher operated a dojo out of his home and the Worcester NY central school.

Mr. Haher began to study American Kenpo under Jeff Speakman and Burt Randio (deceased) in Glenville NY.

Mr. Haher has received training on a regular basis from Mr John Sepulveda. During the late 1990s Mr. Haher partnered with Robert Gugenberger to run a Kenpo school in Gloversville NY. Recently Mr. Haher has studied Inosanto style Escrima and is a Sayoc Kali student.

Currently Mr. Haher teaches private students out of the Upstate Kenpo location in Glenville NY, owned by long time friend and senior Daryl Perkins. Mr. Haher received his 4th degree Black Belt from John Sepulveda in 2006.