John Ingallina

Sensei John Ingallina is the owner and chief instructor of the United Martial Arts Centers in Upstate New York and has been training in the arts for over 22 years. He trained directly under WMA Hall of Fame inductee William Cavalier, Jr. where he attained a 3rd dan. He also trains with Pan-Am medalist and former Olympic coach, John Saylor, and holds a 3rd dan in Shingtai Jujitsu. In 2007, John sought out world-renowned martial artist, historian and author, Hanshi Patrick McCarthy and began his training in Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo Jutsu. He was awarded his 1st dan and Shidoin (teaching license) from Hanshi McCarthy. This ranking is awarded to a select few and allows him to teach this art.

John has been teaching seminars on martial arts and self-defense since 1995. He has had the privilege of years of training with experts in BJJ, Kapap (under Major Avi Nardia), Muay Thai & Wing Chun Kung Fu. He is also the director of the NY State Rape and Assault Prevention (RAP) Association and advisory board member at Rape Crisis Services of Rochester. Over the years, he has trained with and instructed many law enforcement and military personnel making him one of the most sought after and respected instructors in the area.