Joe Mansfield, Kyoshi

Kyoshi Mansfield possesses over 35 years of martial arts experience in Okinawa-Te Ryute Renmei and is a direct student and 7th degree black belt under Grandmaster Taika Oyata. He also has trained in Filipino stick and knife fighting under Grandmaster Remy Presas, as well as in Small Circle Jujitsu under Professor Wally Jay. Kyoshi Mansfield has also “shared with and trained with anyone and everyone in between.”

Ryu Te Renmei

Ryute Renmei is Okinawa-Te—classical karate from Okinawa. It focuses on the both open-hand and weapon training, and places great emphasis on mediation and good character. Using often unseen interpretations of motions buried deep within kata, Ryute Renmei focuses on Kyusho Jitsu (“vital force striking”) and Tuite Jitsu (grappling) for effective life protection. This is a lifelong path of self-discovery.