Kuya Doug Marcaida

Doug Marcaida or "Kuya Doug" as he is affectionaly known has over 20 years of Filipino Martial Arts experince. His background extends as a Senior representative for the Kali de Leon methodology of training with Ama Guro Jun de Leon as his teacher, holds the Mandala Rank in Pekiti Tirsia Kali under GT Leo Gake Jr. and is an instructor level in San Miguel Eskrima and Babrako Batanguenio Balisong. He is the VP and head Programs director for SIEGE,inc which teaches Defensvie Tactic for Law Enforcement and Security programs in Rochester New York and as Edge weapons specialist have designed Military fighting knife with Ka Bar USA and is the Program director for DCAPS inc dealing with Edge Impact Weapons program with Military and Special Forces. He is part of the kali Hall of Fame under the World Kali council and has recieved a Presidential commendation from for teaching Joint U.S. and Philippines Marines Froces during the Balikatan excercises. He leads the Brotherhood of the Blade which will be featured training the Russian Spetznas in the Philippines in the upcoming movie "The Bladed Hand" a look at the global impact of Filipino Martial Arts. Kuya Doug is known for his dynamic use of universal principle of Filipino Weapons with Imapact Double sticks to Impact (double sticks, sticks) and Edged ( knives, swords) as translated to the Karambit, Tomahawk , Collapsible Baton "The Kali Way " under the War Eagle Project. Much of his videos can be seen in youtube under Kalisong1 .