Scott Miller

Sifu Scott Miller began his Martial Arts training in 1979 and holds Black Belts/Sashes in the following Styles or Systems:

In the early 1990ís Sifu Miller started to take ideas and techniques from the many style and systems he had been studying. Understanding, that all styles and systems of Martial Arts have something to offer students. Combining and modifying motion to fit his idea, of creating a system that was very well rounded, yet could change with the times. Hence, Jiao Shou was born.

Still today, Sifu Miller cross trains in many other systems and attends numerous seminars, always studying the martial arts. Constantly seeking more techniques to blend with Jiao Shou and of course to his own personal arsenal. With Martial Arts as a passion, Sifu Miller finds it very enjoyable to keep up the search for something he has not seen or tried yet.