Dominick Violante & Sensei Jeanene Violante

Master Dominick Violante began Martial Arts training in 1977. He was inducted into the Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame in July 2003, and the USA Hall of Fame in 2004.

He is a Master Level Practitioner 8th Dan Black Belt of Kempo Karate and is ranked 4th Dan Black Belt in Aikido. In addition, he holds a black sash in White Crane/Long Fist Kung-Fu. Master Violante was an instructor for the Massachusetts Criminal Justice System instructing state, local and Auxiliary Police Officers for more than 15 years and he became the first non-police officer to be certified in the R.A.D. (Rape Aggressive Defense) Program.

Master Violante had a seat on the Board of Directors for the Massachusetts Reserve Police Federation as the advisor for defensive tactics. He has developed numerous self defense programs recognized by the Massachusetts Board of Education.

Sensei Jeanene Violante began training in 1992 and holds the rank of 4th Dan Black Belt in Kempo Karate. She has over 10 years' experience in teaching and operating a Dojo. Sensei Jeanene has been very successful in tournament competition placing at all ranks for sparring, forms, and weapons.