Sensei Lou Zuccaro

Sensei Lou Zuccaro's journey in the martial arts began in Brooklyn in the mid 1960s with his uncle Erasmus "Ray" Purificato. Uncle Ray brought a young Sensei Lou to train in Modern Jujitsu under Sensei Joe Murgolo and Professor Florendo Visitacion (Prof. Vee). Sensei Lou continued to train under Prof. Vee through the many evolutions of his systems. He began teaching in the 70s, opened a school in the 80s, and on August 8, 1998, founded his own system, Zenbu Ryu Jujutsu. Sensei Louís focus has been to develop a school of students that come together not just to train but to share life experiences on the dojo mat as a family. This approach has been reinforced by the fact that Sensei Lou knows each of his students on a personal level. We believe that knowing your students very well is required to give each of them a thorough education and help them achieve their personal goals. Sensei Lou's goal is to help every one of his students to become the very best they can be, not only in Jujutsu but in all aspects of their life.