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What is the knowledge level for participating in each session? Are classes are open to participants without prior training in that style or topic?

All of the seminars are open to martial artists of all ranks and previous experience. Instructors typically offer enough breadth and depth to make the seminars appealing to everyone. Our instructors are responsive to the participants and cater to their skill levels, whether beginner or advanced.

I only study XXXXX style. Why should I attend?

SMAF is not about styles. SMAF is about sharing ideas and concepts so that you broaden your understanding of the martial arts and increase your martial abilities and knowledge across the board. Our instructors are very good at building connections between arts, so you may just end up understanding your own art better--and you'll certainly gain an appreciation for how your art fits in a broader martial context.

What should I wear?

We prefer everyone to wear their martial arts uniforms, but any comfortable workout clothes (e.g. sweats and tees) work fine too. We ask that you wear mat shoes, sneakers, or go barefoot while in seminars. Basically, don't wear hard or heavy shoes that could cause injuries or tear up the mats during seminars.

Will there be changing facilities?

There is a bathroom and we do set up morning/evening changing rooms.

Can I bring my camera?

Still photos are encouraged. Video recording is not permitted. Please note that we do not have secure storage for cameras etc. and we are not responsible for your property.

Will there be vendors there?

Yes. Many of our instructors will be offering products for sale, from training knives to DVDs and books. Bring cash, although some vendors do take credit cards.

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