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Sifu Sharif Bey

Yee's Hung Ga


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The primary purpose of touch sensitivity training is to develop the skill to read the enemy's intention, direction, strength, speed, skill level, etc., in such a way that allows us to exploit this knowledge to our advantage.  It develops the ability to sense the magnitude and direction of the enemy's force so as to avoid force-against-force, thereby nullifying the advantage of superior strength.



Sifu Bey will offer a seminar on the History of the Three Power Bridge from the Heaven and Earth Society (aka the Hung Association), demonstrate the principles of its application through Hung Ga's Heaven/Earth/Man Philosophy/Cosmology, off training in how the bridge develops the ability to move power from the core to the extremities, and show applications of that power in extremely hard and soft power paradigms.




Sifu Sharif Bey began his martial arts training at age 5, studying Tae Kwon Do and Wing Chun Kung Fu.  He was introduced to Hung Ga Kung Fu in 1984.  Sifu Sharif Bey absorbed the Kuntao teachings of GGM Willem Reeders as taught by Ed “Tiny” Sealy, through his representative, Randy Elliot.  In 1989 Sifu Bey met and began following Grandmaster Yee Chee Wai.  After years of dedicated study, practice and participation, Sifu Sharif Bey was invited to participate in the Bai See ceremony and in 2000 became a disciple of Grandmaster Yee. 


In the same year Sifu Bey began to teach publicly in Syracuse, and in 2004 Syracuse Kung Fu was officially born.  As an avid supporter of our community’s youth, Sifu Bey designed and implemented a number of programs to serve the community in this regard, including a Gang Intervention program that not only provides mediation, court advocacy and conflict resolution services to youth, but also Gang Intelligence training for youth professionals.  Syracuse Kung Fu, through the efforts of Sifu Bey, is the only complete Chinese Martial Arts school in the Central New York Area, offering Barehand and Weapons training, History, Philosophy/Martial Ethics, Internal Development, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Lion Dance.


In keeping with the Chinese Martial Arts maxim “Mo Lum Yat Ga” (‘the Martial Community is One Family’), Sifu Bey utilizes his strong interpersonal skills to forge and maintain bonds of friendship between various martial families within the martial community, sponsoring seminars and workshops for other martial arts experts to both gain them more exposure, as well as expose the local martial arts community to the richness of Chinese Martial Arts.  Some of the guests Sifu Bey has brought over are Master Mark Houghton; disciple of the world famous kung fu film director Lau Kar Leung, and Buddhism/Hsing Yi Master Ping Cheng of Szechuan Province, PRC. 


In 2008, in recognition of years of dedicated practice and service to his sifu, training brothers, and the association, Sifu Bey was unanimously inducted into the Governing Board of Yee’s Hung Ga International Kung Fu Association.  Sifu Bey continues to train, develop, teach, and lead the next generation of Hung Ga Kung Fu experts, passing on his knowledge in the manner of his sifu and all those that went before him.


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