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2018 Saratoga Martial Arts Festival

The Capital Region's Premier Martial Art's Festival!
March 3rd & 4th, 2018
Saturday, 8:00am to 5:00pm & Sunday, 8:00am to 4:00pm
Courtyard by Marriott, Saratoga Springs NY


The 17th Annual Saratoga Martial Arts Festival features two-days of hands-on instructional workshops in striking, grappling, & weapons arts, plus vendors, & Saturday Night Banquet with the Instructional Staff!

Martial Artists of all backgrounds and experiences levels are welcome to participate.


Register NOW at (early registration discounts)

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New Location for 2018!

SMAF has moved down the street to the
Courtyard by Marriott (11 Excelsior Ave, Saratoga Springs p: 518-226-0538)

2018 Instruction Staff

Our teaching staff for this year includes:

Steve Bugler (Jeet Kun Do)
George Chaber (Inasanto Blend Kali)

Tony DiSarro (Kosho Ryu Kempo & Serrada Escrima)
Rudy Duncan (Kemchido Combat Arts)
Jesse Dwire (Kempo)
Erik Harris (Liu Seong Gungfu)
Tim Hartman (Presas Arnis & Modern Arnis)

David Kalish (Hattatsu-Ryu Karate & Shingitai Jujitsu)

Chris LaCava (Hapkido & Force Neccessary)
Roland Lavigne (Chen Taiji)
Katie Murphy (Krav Maga & Goju Ryu Karate)
Mick O'Neill (Gishi-Ryu Karate)

Steve Pearlman (Praxis Martial Arts)
Sean Schenker (Kyokushin Karate)

Chris Thompson (Inosanto Blend Kali & Original Giron Escrima)

Eric Winfree (Jeet Kune Do & Wing Chun)

Dominic Violante (Aikido & Shaolin Kempo Karate)

... and more to be announced soon.


Download this year's poster!


Download this year's schedule.


Download this year's workshop descriptions.


Purchase tickets NOW at (early registration discounts)



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