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Master Jesse Dwire

Hawaiian Shaolin Kempo

6th Dan

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1. Countering Throws & Executing Throws

One of the foundational forces in Kempo was its need to counteract the throws and locks of jujitsu and Chinese throwing systems.  In this age of MMA, Master Dwire will demonstrate some of the old ways for countering entries into throws, as well as how those entries contain secret throwing/sweeping techniques to reverse the combative context.


2. Two-Person Handsets

Master Dwire will show at least six different Kempo handsets.  Each set involves a series of striking, blocking, and countering moves between two people, demonstrating how Kempo trains Kempo, and how Kempo counters Kempo.


3. Kata Clinic

Be prepared to work hard as Master Dwire works through the foundations of speed, power, and precision in kata application.

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Shihan Dwire began his training in 1989 under Professor Rudy Duncan. He has been teaching martial arts continuously since 1994, earning his sixth degree black belt in 2010.


He also holds a first degree black belt in Soke DePasquale's Combat Ju-Jitsu. He has trained directly under both Senior Grandmaster George Pesare and Prof. Kimo Ferreira, and he has been influenced by working with many great martial artists, including Hanshi Vince Anthony.


In 2009, Shihan Dwire was inducted into the the World Martial Arts 
Federations Hall of Fame as the Kempo Master Instructor of the Year. In 2005, he was inducted into the AMA Hall of Fame in 2005 for his outstanding effort in promoting the martial arts.


Shihan Dwire is a graduate of Niagara University and the Onadaga School of Therapeutic Massage


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