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Sifu William Luciano

Pai-Chia Ch'uan

Eighteen Bronzeman Method

Senior Instructor in each system


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1. Iron Dummy

By special request for our 15th anniversary, Sifu Luciano will be offering rarely-seen instruction in the Eighteen Bronze Man or "Iron Dummy," which is a unique trianing tool from Taiwan.  This is an extremely rare Shaolin-based method known for its close range striking skills.


2. The Exchange Block: Structure, Theory, Training Methods

This is a unique technique with blocking and trapping applications that diverts and manipulates an oncomming strike.  In addition to showing its more obvious applications, Sifu Luciano will demonstrate how this technique can enhance the ability to set up joint locks and throws.




William Luciano is a senior level instructor in both the Pai Family Martial Arts and the Eighteen Bronze Man Method of Chinese martial arts.  Mr. Luciano is a lineage disciple and is licensed to teach both of these methods. 


William is well versed in the techniques, martial theories and histories of a number of arts. In addition to the arts listed above, he has had extensive training in the arts of Hsing-I Ch’uan, Pa-Kua Chang, T’ai-Chi Ch’uan, Oki- nawan Kempo, and Southern Fukien Lohan.


South Shaolin Eighteen Bronze Man Method

Nan Shaolin Shih-Pa T’eng-Jen Fa


The Eighteen Bronze Man Method is a unique style of Kung-fu in that all of the form and techniques are practiced on an iron training dummy.

The “Bronze Man” Dummy conditions the arms, strengthens the legs and is very effective in illus- trating to the practitioner if their techniques are aligned properly. The ability to generate power from the legs and hips are aided tremendously with this apparatus. Originally made of wood and imbed- ded into the ground, the modern version of this dummy is made of steel and is mounted on a plate steel base. This makes the dummy more dense, heavier and to some extent portable.


Pai Family Martial Arts

Pai-Chia Ch’uan


The Pai Family martial arts, popularly referred to as Pai-Lum, are based on the martial teachings of the late Grandmaster, Daniel K. Pai. Essentially a short fist method, Pai-Chia Ch’uan is based on the coiling, compacting and expanding qualities of the Dragon. Constant forward motion, limb trapping and sticking to an opponent is typical of the Pai method. It is a well rounded, comprehensive method containing elements of Northern Long Fist, Southern Shaolin, and Chinese/Okinawan Kempo. 


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