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Sifu Mark Cardona

Wan Yi Chuan


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1) The Wooden Monkey: A seminar on the the use of counter time techniques and deception in fighting and self defense. This is the aspect of Monkey Kung Fu that I hold as the highest expression of the art and as the hardest over all to learn and use. Wooden Monkey is all of the subsets brought together and applied at a very advanced level. Join me for a seminar that is all business with a smile on your face!!!   


2) Do Not Get Trapped!!!! This seminar is about learning how to deal with those attempting to trap or chi sao or grab or hubud or any other method used to gain control of your limbs/body/structure. If you do use trapping in your art you should still have an answer for it. If you use some type trapping and perhaps want to learn different methods of countering it then this seminar could be for you. Lets use your art to find your answers to this approach.


3) Springing The Trap. This seminar is meant to expose you to the fundamental process of trapping thru the use of a form or set. By learning and investing in this form you will gain structure and energy used in basic trapping. If you do not do or have or are crazy confused by trapping with in your art this will get you off the ground and running with ideas and skills you will be able to apply. If you already do some type of trapping this will give you a sequence that allows for solo practice and improvement. 


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Sifu Mark Cardona has over 20 years of experience in many styles of martial arts, including Kung Fu, JKD, Escrima and more. He runs the adult Kung Fu program and is the manager at our new Webster MAA branch.

Students taking his class will easily see his expertise and skill, with his relaxed teaching style. He's got an analytical approach to teaching and a focus on realistic self defense. Sifu Mark Cardona is an excellent example of a martial arts teacher - humble, confident and highly skilled in both teaching and demonstrating his art. 


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