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Announcing our 5th Instructor

Kuya Doug Marcaida

Marcaida Kali


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1. Locking the Kali Way: Weapons to Hands

Kali has always been known for its excellence with weapons work. But training with weapons also enhances its hand-to-hand applications because of Kali's transferance methodology of training. This workshop will focus on the principles behind weapons disarming and locking, and see how it complements the same theories in hand-to-hand combat.


2. Direct Action Response knife: DART Versatility

The designer of the DART knife will present the use of the principles behind the creation of the knife that makes it a Direct Action Response Knife.  From its quick draw deployment to an impact-loaded fist to a pressure-point-control device, Kuya Doug Marcaida will show the amazing applications of the knife as he has become known to do it..the kali way.




Doug Marcaida is an Edge Impact Weapon specialist who has an extensive background in Filipino Martial Arts and Military and Law enforcement training. Working as a contractor for the Military and as a consultant, he has taught many international Military units and Law Enforcement agencies.

Mr. Marcaida has trained several military units, including the U.S. Marines and Philippine’s Force Reconnaissance Battalion in the Joint Interoperability Exercises. Filipino President, Gloria Macapagal, issued Mr. Marcaida a citation award for his outstanding efforts in training military combatives.


As one of the founders of the Brotherhood of the Blade, Doug Marcaida seeks a modern evolution of traditional arts for practical and tactical relevance.

He is also a weapons designer and is behind the designs of the Fox DART knife, The Rmj Tactical tomahawk, the "Kalihawk", the kabar Big brother and the max venom Dmax karambit neck knife.


He hosts a youtube channel under Funker tactical called "By the Edge" and is part of a duo tactical team of the Knife vs gun series with firearms phenom Instructor Zero.


Kuya Doug which is how he is affectionally referred to is the head of his own system called Marcaida Kali. He just finished a tv pilot for the History channel which deals with his weapons expertise.


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