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Presenting our 12th and returning instructor...

Sifu Eric Winfree

Jeet Kune Do

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Special SMAF Seminar: Blitz Seminar

Learn how to efficiently overwhelm your opponent's brain with the speed and shock of "The Blitz". Anyone can learn this extremely effective street combat technique that will stun your opponent allowing you to continue your attack and get to safety. Covering all aspects of the blitz; empty hand to weapons blitzing, participants will leave with an effective technique they can use right away on any opponent.


Other potential seminars:


1) JKD Trapping to Grappling - Explosive techniques to help you overpower and dominate your opponent. Learn how to take control of a situation in 5 seconds or less. Also learn great techniques on how to defeat the grappler.

2) JKD Five Ways of Attack - Bruce Lee's 5 ways of attack explained thoroughly. This includes Attack by Combination, Attack by Draw, Hand Immobilization Attack, Progressive Indirect Attack, and Single Angulated Attack and in what circumstances you should use which attack.

3) JKD Focus Mitt Drills - Unique training drills to help generate power and explosiveness. Cool combinations of punches, kicks, elbows, and knees focusing on speed and power which can be applied to any system.


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Sifu Eric has been studying the martial arts for over 40 years. He is one of the few full instructors of Jeet Kune Do in Central New York. Guro Eric is a member of the Francis Fong Instructor Association. In 2012, he is inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame.


He teaches from a perspective of street tactics and security. He has brought several martial artists to the instructor level. He concentrates on the spiritual side of the martial arts and his goal is to help fellow martial artists reach enlightenment. Sifu Eric has developed his own comprehensive Street Self Defense System and Women’s Self Defense Program that are highly regarded among the martial arts community. 


Guro Eric is a member of a local Martial Arts Master's Group.

Guro Eric is available for private instruction and seminars.


  • Classical Chinese Gung Fu

  • Jeet Kune Do

  • Kali Escrima/Silat

  • Wing Chun

  • Professional Fighter for 5 years, traveling across the country on two professional fight teams. Retired with a very impressive record of 36-3.

  • Developed his own street combatives system that has been successfully tested in numerous real world encounters.

  • Developed his own personal defense weapon that is available worldwide.

  • He trains security personnel, police officers, parole officers, military personnel as well as teachers, housewives, everyone....

  • He lectures and advises people on security and safety issues.

  • He lectures and advises people on spirituality and the history of martial arts.

  • He is an active member of a local Martial Arts Masters Consortium.

  • He is also a published author – his upcoming work is on street-wise self defense. 


Sijo Bruce Lee - Guro Dan Inosanto - Sigung Kevin Seaman - Sifu Eric Winfree


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